Anticancer Activity of Silver Nanoparticle by Using Cassia auriculata Extract

M. Prem Nawaz, A. Afroos Banu, S. Raja Mohamed, M. Palanivelu, A. Ayeshamariam

Page: 1-9
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Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anti-Parkinson Activity of Portulaca oleracea Seed Methanolic Extract

Santosh Kumar Vaidya, Dharmesh K. Golwala, Darpini S. Patel, Satyajit Sahoo

Page: 10-17
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Antifungal Activity in Urginea indica Kunth. (Asparagaceae)

B. Mohana, Shiva Kameshwari, M. K. Prasana Kumar

Page: 18-23
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Extraction of Phytochemical Compounds of Leea guineensis (G. Don) Leaves Using Non-polar and Polar Solvents

O. L. Awotedu, U. E. Okeke, P. O. Ogunbamowo, O. S Ariwoola, T. O. Omolola

Page: 24-31
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Antioxidant and Antimutagenic (Anticlastogenic) Activity of Alcoholic Extract of Bauhinia variegata (Linn.) Root

Dharmesh K. Golwala, Santosh Kumar Vaidya, Kishor K. Dholwani, Darpini S. Patel, Satyajit Sahoo

Page: 32-39
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Seed Maturity Indices of Semecarpus anacardium Linn under Garhwal Himalayan Condition: A Highly Valuable Medicinal Tree

P. Rathiesh, Ajeet Kumar Negi

Page: 40-44
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Vigor of Java Plum Seedlings, in the Presence and Absence of Mucilage Submitted to Different Substrates

Joaquim Pereira Carvalho, Helber Véras Nunes, Daniella Inácio Barros, Evandro Alves Ribeiro, João Henrique da Silva Luz, Layssa Gabrielly Barbosa Garcia Ramos, Paulo Victor Gomes Sales, Ricardo Alencar Liborio, Bruno Henrique Di Napoli Nunes

Page: 45-49
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