A Review on Electrohomeopathic Medicinal Practice: Origin, Principles, Medicinal Plants Used and Its Current Status in India

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P. Sureshbabu
E. Siddalingamurthy
N. L. Shashidhara
B. Sooryanarayanarao
D. C. Bhavya


Natural plant medicines have been used as remedies for various diseases since ages. Various medical systems have been established and practiced across the world, of which some are gained popularity and constitutional recognition while some are yet to find recognition in certain geographical areas. Electrohomeopathy is one such medical practice which is picking up on acceptance by the Indian population. The Electrohomeopathy or Electropathic system of medicine has a history of nearly 150 years of existence. In India, the system has been in practice for more than a century. This is a purely plant-based medical system, first started by C.C. Mattei of Italy during the 1850s. Extraction of electrals or phytoconstituents from different plants and recombining in appropriate proportions as per the requirement of the patient’s disease condition forms the core principle of the system. In this review article, we briefly touch upon the origin, historical evolution, and basic principle, list of plants used, types of remedies used and current status in India and also throws light on what the future holds for the Electrohomeopathy medicine and treatment.

Electrohomeopathy, electropathy, herbal preparation, principles, C.C. Mattei

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Sureshbabu, P., Siddalingamurthy, E., Shashidhara, N. L., Sooryanarayanarao, B., & Bhavya, D. C. (2020). A Review on Electrohomeopathic Medicinal Practice: Origin, Principles, Medicinal Plants Used and Its Current Status in India. European Journal of Medicinal Plants, 31(8), 31-47. https://doi.org/10.9734/ejmp/2020/v31i830257
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