Phytochemical Analysis of Algal Species Found in Sutrapada Coastal Region of Gujarat

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Kamlesh Gadhvi
Parth Depani
Ridhdhi Karangiya
Suhas Vyas


The aim of the present study is to assess the phytochemicals of nine marine algae species which is further divided in to three classes. The qualitative phytochemical analysis was done on nine different algae species of Saurashtra coastal belt in Gujarat. For the qualitative phytochemical analysis total 16 different parameters were analyzed on algae species. Extracts prepared in two solvents viz., chloroform extract (CE) and acetone-water extract (AWE). Amongst the two different extracts, acetone water extract showed the presence of maximum number of phytochemical compounds. Next to that, acetone, water extract showed steroid, glycosides, tannin, protein and flavonoids compounds were present in all algae species. The presence of tannins, steroid, glycosides, reducing sugar, protein and flavonoids were observed in two extracts of three algal classes.

Seaweed, phytochemical, qualitative, extracts, coast, Sutrapada.

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Gadhvi, K., Depani, P., Karangiya, R., & Vyas, S. (2019). Phytochemical Analysis of Algal Species Found in Sutrapada Coastal Region of Gujarat. European Journal of Medicinal Plants, 29(1), 1-9.
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