Total Protein, Bilirubin and AST Levels in Rat Models Treated with Ethanolic Extract of Eleusine coracana during Arsenic Trioxide Induced Hepatotoxicity

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Oyedotun M. Oyeleke
Nosarieme O. Abey
Babatunde J. Oso
Nnenna C. Jackson


Eleusine coracana is considered one of the most nutritious cereals. It has different names in local languages. It is known as Ragi in Telugu and Kannada/aariyam in Tamil, and Madua in Hindi and in Nigeria, it is known as Okababa in Yoruba, Dawa in Hausa, etc. This study sought to investigate the protective ability of ethanolic extracts of Eleusine coracana in Arsenic trioxide induced hepatotoxicity using rat models. Animals were grouped into four (4). Group A received only distilled water, in group B,C and D hepatotoxicity was induced using 5 mg/dl Arsenic Trioxide solution for 14 days, followed by treatment in group C and D daily with 200 mg and 500 mg per kg body weight respectively for 14 days, and changes in body weight and Liver Function parameters were determined. Eleusine coracana contains Tannins, phlobatannins,Falavonoids and Terpenoids but not Steriods and Saponins, Eleusine treated groups had a significant decrease in the organ-body weight index. The mean weight and Total Protein was significantly reduced in the intoxicated-untreated group (group B). The AST, direct and total Bilirubin level was significantly higher in group B compared to control and other treated groups. Eleusine cocarna as a plant and source of food contains certain phytochemicals which are capable of managing hepatic cell injury, this serve as a point for pharmacological intervention.

Eleusine coracana, hepatoprotective, liver function test, finger millet, Dawa, Okababa, acute, hepatotoxicity.

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Oyeleke, O., Abey, N., Oso, B., & Jackson, N. (2019). Total Protein, Bilirubin and AST Levels in Rat Models Treated with Ethanolic Extract of Eleusine coracana during Arsenic Trioxide Induced Hepatotoxicity. European Journal of Medicinal Plants, 28(2), 1-7.
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